I am a professional visual development illustrator and senior concept designer. I have nearly 20 years of experience with production houses like Deamworks Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, ReelFX and EA(Electronic Arts). Through rigorous industry pipelines I have honed my skills to be a creative powerhouse: fast, thoughtful and deadline oriented. I was at Dreamworks Animation for 12 years working on some of the biggest computer animation films of the last decade. In 2012 I went freelance freelance and found myself working on ReelFX's Book of life, A dream project . Since 2014 I have been at EA working on the Sims franchise as a senior designer. These days I find myself enjoying working on films, games, concept and traditional media work.

My Story

I grew up in northern CA, spending time living both in the rural Sierra Nevada's, hiking, climbing trees and adventuring and in the suburbs just north of Sacramento. I have always loved drawing and painting and from a pretty early age I knew it's what I would end up doing with my life. I had a love of nature instilled in me young and I feel it has formed my observational skills greatly, which in my opinion is as important to an artist as their medium or tools. I went to art school in San francisco and have called home now for 20 years, nearly half my life. Im still in love with this spot of the world. I continue to adventure, explore the wilds and present to the world my take on what I find and observe.