I am a professional visual development illustrator and concept designer. I have 15 years experience within high stress production pipelines and have honed my skills to be a creative powerhouse: fast, thoughtful and deadline oriented. I was at Dreamworks Animation for 12 years working on some of the biggest computer animation films of the last decade. Since 2012 I have been a freelance based artist and am enjoying working on films, games, concept and traditional media work.

My Story

I grew up in northern CA, spending time living both in the rural Sierra Nevada's hiking -climbing trees and adventuring- and the suburbs just north of Sacramento. I have always loved drawing and painting and from a pretty early age I knew it's what I would end up doing for a living. I had a love of nature instilled in me young and I feel it has formed my observational skills greatly, which in my opinion is as important to an artist as their brushes and paints (or as is often the case in my life, a stylus and Cintiq). I have called San Francisco home now for 18 years, nearly half my life, and I still love this spot of the world. I continue to adventure and present to the world my take on what I find and observe.